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I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help (other companies didn't even have the decency to reply to my enquiry). Looking forward to receiving my parcel. If I am unable to find certain fabrics within the UK again you'll be my next port of call. Great customer service, I'll be sure to spread the word! Thanks again.




What great service!  I was totally amazed when I came home this evening and found the fabric that I just ordered Wednesday!  Thank you for the quick service, and for letting me know my new points total.  I probably won't make it over there until spring, since we will be gone for a while this winter, but it's great to know how efficient your online service is, in case I need something before then.

Thanks again!



You are the best.  I have placed an order for two of them.  Thank you very much.  I will let all my friends know of this product.  Have a great day.

A very happy customer,




I received my order today, which surprised me as it came so fast.  Thank you.  I was also confused as everything came from Threads of Time.  Are you the same company but with different names?


Also, I was so surprised by the personal handwritten thank you note.  That is the first time I have ever received one of those and it is greatly appreciated - for such a small order even.  I work at a quilt store that is also on-line and I am going to show them this. We just put a little printed thank you in the order.


Again, I am so impressed with your service.  I wish I lived closer to take advantage of your facility.


Happy Quilting, Diane



Dear Janie,


My order 7EK5272179280015V just arrived, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I am making a very large pansy quilt for a dear friend, and I panicked whne I realized I didn't buy enough backing fabric.  I found your store by going on the Marcus Fabric Website and saw a list of retail stores who had ordered the Faye Burgos Perfect Pansy medley.


The speed you got this fabric to me is incredible.  I love the fat quarters you included, and your handwritten thank you note is amazing.  I was raised in the 50's and 60's when manners were not an option, so I am very impressed with you and your shoppe.  I have bookmarked your website under My Favorite Fabric Shoppes and I will be looking for my fabric in your store first.


Thank you again, this whole transaction has been so great.  I am passing your website around to my quilting friends.  I would love to take you up on the two night stay and will hand on the certificate, maybe I can get on the my friends to come with me.





Thanks so much I will remember when ordering for my shop how wonderful your customer service is.  I am over they are awful.

Thanks again,





So I just received my order from you and the hand written note was a lovely touch. You will get more orders in the future.



I was part of the Bus Hop from Shelbyville, visiting your shop on Friday. I am so impressed with your shop. You have an impressive variety of fabrics- something for everyone. Your staff are so friendly and helpful and the cookies warm & tasty! Thanks for your efforts to make the event so much fun.